Individual options

MODI Trace works consistently to be able to offer individual solutions. In continuous cooperation with global customers, optimization potential is discussed in order to create innovation projects. The specially introduced development department implements individual customer requirements and develops new technologies to maximize the process of receiving goods. In order to counteract problems with the goods registration process, the MODI software can be additionally equipped with an OCR solution. Clear text information can now be processed for the first time and the manual input of unreadable information by an employee is omitted. Labels that previously required a lot of effort now pose no problem with additional handling and safety. The aim is to create a long-lasting product that is kept up to date by individual retrofit options in order to be able to be adapted to the changing needs of the customer.

The latest, bigger development with MODI Trace is the introduction of the goods receipt system ROBO WES . The robot unit for goods receipt entry and processing works completely self-sufficient and independent of time. The standard version provides that a user feeds the robot by means of the component roller carriage so that the goods receipt process can be processed.

MODI also offers the possibility of upgrading. Using a computer-controlled rail, roll, or robotic carrier system, the ROBO WES fully automatically start the goods receipt process. The processed goods receipts are then transported automatically for further processing or warehousing.