Minimizing downtime and avoiding disruptions is critical to any business. The combination of mechanical and plant engineering in conjunction with modern technologies are among the core competences of MODI GmbH. Customer satisfaction is also very important to us. As a specialist in the field of incoming goods, we have set ourselves the task of analyzing and optimizing the customer’s own workflow in order to achieve maximum savings and avoid costly, error-prone processes.

With the creation of the hardware and software offer the respective specific and individual wishes are considered in order to prevent the restrictions in the productivity.

TopScan device

Also scan from the top!

The MODI Incoming Goods Scanner can be extended by a top scanner with ADOMO® technology, as some components have to be scanned from two sides for packaging purposes. The component roll no longer needs to be rotated. Even the gluing or re-reading of printed labels is significantly simplified! The MODI TopScan is also equipped with a stepless height adjustment. This ensures that, regardless of the size of the packaging, the same distance from the camera to the label to be read is always observed.

Integration of Touchpanels

The basic equipment provides that the triggering of the scan process is started via an external peripheral device. With the optional implementation of touch pads into the worktop, the trigger elements are within the natural motion of the operator. This way, the smaller work steps are much faster to do. Whether the touchpad is mounted to the left or right of the reading surface, the customer decides. However, MODI recommends two touchpads for multiple operators so that the incoming goods scanner can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed users.


LabelsMobile is a mobile label capture device in form of a tablet which is used additional to the Incoming Goods Scanner. Large and heavy material excludes handling on the incoming goods scanner, therefore MODI offers the possibility to register labels using a mobile solution. The goods receipt is registered via tablet and sent to the Incoming Goods Scanner for checking via WLAN. The result of the test is displayed both on the tablet and on the display. All features for reading encodings on labels are therefore equally available.

Individual add-ons

MODI has been active in the market for years and knows that a product is only good if it is individually tailored to the customer. Ideas and wishes are considered as well as the implementation of the MODI Relabelingstation in the customer system itself. The hardware and software development takes place in-house, so we are able to react flexibly to customer requirements and to coordinate solutions.