OCR – Clear Character Recognition

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

OCR is the English abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition and refers to the automated text recognition within printed objects. OCR is the technology that captures the printed text using an image file and makes it digitally editable again. This makes it easy to transfer scanned paper documents or digital images with printed text to the computer for use.

The MODI software uses this technology to match codes with plain text. This ensures that delivered components also correspond to the labels. The OCR function makes it possible to read even encoded information correctly and safely. Thus, >99% of the labels on the market can be recorded. Automatic quality recognition reads well-printed content without manual inspection and is passed on to the subsequent systems.

In many cases, the manual entry of the employee is required to register and process the goods receipt. With the MODI OCR solution, plain text information is also processed, automatically read out and passed on to subsequent systems and the trace database. Labels that previously required a lot of effort now pose no problem with additional handling and safety.