Software-based upgrade

Each company designs the incoming goods individually, so it is of utmost importance to analyze the process and to identify potential for improvement. As a specialist in the field of incoming goods, we offer hardware as well as software-based solutions for customer-specific processes. Thus, the incoming goods scanner can be deeply integrated into the processes and thus offers the best combination of economy and security.

Transformation of the Date Code

The manufacturers of the components encode their production date on the roll.

If you want to use this date to calculate, for example, the durability of the component, so you have to convert this into a “real” date. The label software now offers these possibilities. By the option to deposit the DateCode format for each article, the read date can be automatically converted accordingly. This converted date can then be used in all following systems to ensure the optimal use of the components. The same applies to other code types in date format.

Extended user management

Scan processes can now be performed operator-related. Extensive rights management allows critical processes to be handled by authorized personnel only.

Up to six freely definable rights can also be individually adjusted and added. All processes can be logged. This way, scans and other operational activities are assigned to individual operators.

Tests in the MODI system

Block production batches with the
“rejected batches DataBase“

If a faulty component batch has been delivered, it is important that this batch never returns to production. A new database makes it possible for MODI to block these batches and thus prevent their storage.


MODI offers interfaces to the most common component mounters. As a result, the material including all important traceability information can be forwarded directly to the processing machines. By assigning a Unique ID for each scanned material in even this number is necessary for the capture of subsequent processes. All information such as MPN, quantity, lot, date code, etc. are thus known to subsequent systems.

Customised connection (ERP)

The label software can be connected to a wide range of ERP, trace and storage systems. Customer-specific processes allow the incoming goods scanner to be integrated deeply into the processes and thus offer the best combination of economy and security.

Traceabilty in the MODI System

Extensive trace database

All scans are stored in a traceability database. Here you will find all the scanned information as well as the associated pictures of the process again. Extensive options are available for filtering, searching and exporting. A powerful tool that saves a lot of time and money.

LED classes 100% traceability

Often the binning information is given on LEDs in different encodings. With a new feature in MODI it is possible to summarize this information and to pass it bundled to subsequent system. Example Osram label with up to 5 different binning classes on one container: Each individual binning class is divided into four components with four different prefixes each. The Labels LED add-on makes it possible to read the individual components and compare them as a composite string with ERP article master data.

Furthermore, it is possible to hang the LED information on the read product number. This offers the convenience of not having to make changes to existing article master data because the software can process the data accordingly.