ADOMO Technologie

MODI Adomo ® (Advanced Optical Modulation Technology)

The ADOMO ® technology is the heart of the incoming goods scanner. It consists of a high-resolution camera with zoom lens. With a redirecting motorized mirror, the camera captures the object to be recognized immediately and directly.

The rapid movement of the mirror occurs on both the horizontal and the vertical axis. The field of view of the camera can thus be changed very quickly and precisely in all directions.

Unique camera combination

The patented ADOMO ® technology is used in industry for a complete and detailed recognition of barcodes or labels.

In addition to the high-resolution detail camera, the additional overview camera is used to determine the exact position of all labels in the 360 ​​x 360 mm reading area. The coordinates are sent directly to the mirror motion controller and the deflecting mirrors are accordingly oriented so that the detail camera can detect the label quickly and accurately. In this way, the camera resolution is completely focused only on the label to be read.

The entire hardware performance is efficiently directed only to this area. This leads to shortest cycle times and highest reading accuracy.

Speed ​​through mirror technology

With MODI’s maintenance-free, high-speed mirroring system, mirror positions can be changed within 20 ms. This allows the detail camera to record precisely up to 30 high-resolution images, regardless of their position. This guarantees a high working speed and shorter cycle times.

In contrast, there is the idea of ​​other vendors who align the camera itself on the corresponding object by means of a deflection unit. But this technology needs a more vulnerable construct. This inevitably leads to high wear of the items at a slower alignment speed.

ADOMO ® technology has for years been the fastest and most accurate system in the re-labeling market.

Individually tailored

MODI has been active in the market for years and knows that a product is only good if it is individually tailored to the customer. Ideas and wishes are considered as well as the implementation of the MODI Trace Relabelingstation in the customer system itself. The hardware and software development takes place in-house, so we are able to react flexibly to customer requirements and to coordinate solutions.

  • Integration in the goods receipt scanner
  • Adomo ® OCR detection
    MODI OCR trace Adomo lens-scanner-goods-receipt-gmbh-spiegelabblendtechnik cameras-inspection-traceability
  • Adomo ® installed in TopScan
    ADOMO camera system within the TopScanner
  • Adomo ® code recognition
  • Adomo ® assembly within the WES V4
    Adomo in use in WES V4
  • Adomo ® adjustment
    Fine adjustment of the ADOMO camera system