The Counting Unit

Traceability through automatic counts in the pharmaceutical sectorch


The balancing unit for the pharmaceutical industry enables automatic, piece-by-piece counting of vials, cylindrical ampoules or syringes.

It is used to balance products during production and to collect samples when performing a media fill. All counting processes are documented (digitally and in paper form).

Individual processes enable the printing of container cards, the comparison of counting results and locking in the event of an error. Intuitive operator guidance guarantees an optimal workflow. Counting results are visualized clearly and understandably. With a processing speed of approx. 180 trays per hour, an ideal process time is achieved.

xRay von MODI

Manual counting processes are often very error-prone and are no longer permitted in many sectors.


MODI’s camera technology counts all types of objects:


Labels for trays and pallets can be printed automatically with all the necessary batch and count information. By using 2D matrix or barcodes, the most important information can be captured directly from the label with a code scanner.

Mediafill processes are documented with interim and final reports in accordance with the audit.
The counted batches are managed directly in databases and can be called up at any time with all information. Incorrect counting is eliminated by the automatic balancing station. The traceability of your processes is raised to a completely new level.

The integrated camera system enables smooth and easy teaching of new formats. Even objects that are difficult to see optically can be counted without errors.

100% comparing of vials and ampoules in trays

The first counting unit on the market that can be operated inline with other machines without slowing them down.

No disadvantages due to external factors such as ambient lighting, shadows by operators or the like.

No worst case format recognizable. (Not even with gray caps in gray trays)

Vials and vials can be counted regardless of their size, the size and color of the lid, and the size and color of the tray.

8x different cylinder ampoules
2R, 6R, 10R, 10R high, 30R, 5ml, 10ml

8x different Vials
1,5ml, 1,7ml, 3ml

5x Tray Colors


16 cap colors


6x packaging sizes

Kartonagen für den Pharmabereich

Advantages of process optimization through automation and digitization

Vorteile der auomatisierten PRoduktionslinie
Vorteile einer digitalisierten Produktionslinie


The height of the counting units can be set electronically, so that it is easily possible to insert the counting unit into existing production lines. With a simple docking mechanism, it can be connected to almost any other machine. Trays can thus be easily pushed from system to system. Lifting and carrying is therefore not necessary.
HSE: In addition, the monitor arm can be rotated and adjusted in height. Each operator can individually adjust the working position. In the case of left-handers or changing operating situations, the label printer can be turned and the system can be operated from the other side.
Mobility: With transport rollers, the counting unit can be moved anywhere in a building.



The main task of quality control units in the pharmaceutical industry is the testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, auxiliaries and packaging materials. The main focuses of GMP are above all the requirements for hygiene, for the premises, for the equipment, for documentation and controls. It must therefore be ensured that the necessary checks are carried out in the incoming goods department and that the materials are only released when their quality has been assessed as satisfactory. The GMP rules are laid down in national and international regulations. Read more.


If all ampoules, syringes or trays had to be counted manually, one can imagine that this is very time-consuming and prone to errors. With the balancing unit, all types of products are counted within seconds. The counting results can then be used in customer-specific processes. With the use of an automatic accounting unit, error-prone activities are minimized.


The work processes and process steps are digitized as best as possible to avoid the use of paper in production. It can be decided individually what should be printed or only stored digitally. This protects the environment and makes the workflow easier!


The table is height adjustable and can therefore be quickly and easily integrated into any production line. The monitor arm can also be swiveled and is also variable in height. This offers an ergonomically optimal working position for every operator. In the case of left-handers or changing operating situations, the label printer can be turned and the system can be operated from the other side. (Depending on variant)