ROBO WES – The new type of incoming goods process

MODI uses the latest robot technology in the ROBO WES. The robotic arm mounted on the table has been designed to handle all work quickly and reliably. The risk of misadministration due to human inattention or carelessness is not given here. The ROBO Incoming Goods Scanner is also not tied to times and can do his job 24/7.


The combination of mechanical and plant engineering in conjunction with modern technologies are among the core competences of MODI GmbH. With the aim of optimizing incoming goods processes, robotic technology is used in ROBO WES by MODI Trace.

The robotic arm mounted on the table has been designed so that it can quickly and reliably handle all incoming goods processes. It is used for recording, registering and comparing electronic modules on component rollers.

With the ROBO WES, MODI has achieved technological progress that scores above all with its precision and speed. The stepless speed setting of the robot arm reaches three times the speed of all available goods receipt scanners in a zero-defect strategy.

Basic and full equipment

The basic equipment of the Incoming Goods Scanner provides that an employee pushes the component rolls into the table on a specially designed trolley and the robot arm registers, labels and sorts them individually on customer request.

By using a sophisticated transport system in the form of a roller or rail system, the ROBO WES can be fully automated fed. The component roll is then transported independently to the appropriate warehouse or for further processing.

Reliability of code recognition

The ROBO WES with the camera technology in the WES V5. It allows all labels to be captured at once. 

High-resolution images provide 100% traceability. Reading quality and process times are significantly optimized and make work easier! 


With the ROBO WES, MODI has achieved technological progress that scores above all with its precision and speed. The stepless speed setting of the robot arm achieves twice the speed of a human operator in a zero-error strategy.

Through hardware and software development in-house, the processes are mature and run over short distances. We are also able to react flexibly to customer requirements and to coordinate solutions.

TECH SPECS | ROBO WES – Incoming Goods Scanner

      • Component rolls
      • Drypacks
      • Cardboards
      • Trays
      • 5 Megapixel overview camera
      • 5 Megapixel detail camera
      • ADOMO mirror technology
>Code types:
      • Int. 2/5, Code 39, Code 128, UPC/EAN, 4-State, Postnet, Planet, RSS, Code 93, Codebar, PDF 417, Symbology, Data Matrix, QR Code.
>Add Ons:
      • OCR
      • Date Code Conversion
      • Rejected Batches Module
      • etc.
      • 360mm x 360mm
      • LAN/USB for label printer
      • Common ERP/MES interfaces
        (Web Service, RFC, IDOC, API, etc.)
      • Interfaces to partners via Web Service or simple file exchange (XML, CSV, etc.)
      • TCP/IP interface for easy file transfer

Consulting – Planning – Implementation

The MODI GmbH strives to produce its customers a product individually tailored to him. Accordingly, we also see ourselves in the position of a consultant who optimally plans and develops production processes right from the start. In the first step, a production analysis is anticipated, in which ways and processes are discussed and optimization potential is worked out. Afterwards, all forces are mobilized to create a perfect process with the Incoming Goods Scanner.

Interfaces | Connections

In addition to the usual ERP connection, the MODI system in the Incoming Goods Scanner is also able to communicate with various MES, warehouse management and assembly systems, so that an optimal and tailor-made integration into the processes can be guaranteed.

In-house production

By developing both hardware and software in-house, we are able to respond flexibly to customer needs. Solutions are coordinated so that the processes run smoothly.

The most efficient way


Quality – Made in Germany

MODI products stand for Made in Germany, German engineering and reliability. They promise exclusivity, longevity, freedom from maintenance as well as mature technologies. The combination of mechanical and plant engineering in combination with modern technologies is one of the core competences of MODI GmbH. Customer satisfaction is also very important to us. As a specialist in the field of incoming goods, we have set ourselves the task with the Incoming Goods Scanner of analyzing and optimizing the customer’s own workflow in order to achieve maximum savings and avoid costly, error-prone processes.

    Rollwagen für den ROBO WES
    ADOMO camera system within the TopScanner
    ROBO WES gripping system
    ROBO WES Schnelligkeit
    OCR Klarschrifterkennung
    ROBO WES gripping arm
    Import of component rolls into the ROBO WES
    ROBO WES System