XRAY – The X-Ray counting system

The high demand to be able to process the material more and more automatically, has brought Modi into the situation of expanding its product portfolio. Whether it is a return from production or the complex situation on the component procurement market. wherever it is a matter of reducing component sizing, detecting shortage, or counting components. it is a necessary device.

A X-ray counting system in combination with the MODI identification and traceability competence offers the right solution. With the X-ray scanner it is possible to count components on containers without mechanical influence. However, the counted quantity itself is worthless without reference to material information.

The most benefit is guaranteed, if the live matching of read and scheduled quantities will be verified by a precise counting process. So, we realized this with a combination of reading the Manufacturer Label quantities and added a counting procedure. This can also take place with all trace applicable interfaces. An example is the direct booking of potential under deliveries in the ERP Software. This allows it to regulate in the earliest step of the process chain. Another application would be the removing and re-storage of a component reel from the pick and place machine. This is about recognizing the failure of deployment though production and removing the material. After removing the reel from the machine, it will be rescanned and counted. Another label with the actual quantity is printed or the quantity is digitally booked by the system according to the unique ID. In this way, the affected process key figures can be specified based on the periodical.

The product solution placed on the market is the Viscount XRH count connected to the top scan unit of the MODI WES V4 system.

The XRH count has an automatically open and closing drawer. Above this drawer, the MODI WES Top Scan assumes its core competence. The component reel is placed in the drawer and the scan starts. Once all readable data is collected and the material identified the drawer is closing and the counting process begins. The process is finished when the drawer is opened. Optionally, a Unique ID label can be printed with the actual quantity. The product is compatible with all software add-ons.

It is also interesting for MODI existing customers that all existing interfaces can be operated.