MODI products at IPC APEX in San Diego

The IPC Apex congress and exhibition in San Diego from January 24 – 26, 2023 is, among other things, one of the largest electronics industry events in the field of SMD assembly in the USA. The automation of process flows within electronics production is also becoming increasingly important in the USA.

The German company MODI is also on site with the bestseller product “Wareneingangsscanner / Incoming Goods Scanner” and the generic term Wareneingang 4.0. The Incoming Goods Scanner / Wareneingangsscanner in the 4th generation is already indispensable in the industry in Europe.

In the USA, the innovative product is marketed by the company Inovaxe and will also be presented at IPC APEX. At the Inovaxe booth, the traceability of electronic components in particular will be demonstrated. MODI’s Incoming Goods Scanner / Wareneingangsscanner will be used to display the database of Inovaxe’s special storage systems for component rolls. When a component roll is scanned with MODI’s Incoming Goods Scanner, all the data for this component roll is automatically transferred to Inovaxe’s storage system, so that the roll can then be identified and used later in the warehouse. 100% Traceability. This interaction of the individual technologies in combination with the MODI Incoming Goods Scanner has been very popular in the USA for some time and has been further tightened with the 4th generation of the MODI product.

The topic of traceability is also becoming more and more important in the USA, as Torsten Klawunder, Technical Director of MODI, knows:

“Initial talks in the USA this year clearly indicate that, especially through pioneering companies such as Tesla or SpaceX, the traceability of components will be a must in the future. Unlike Europe, however, the U.S. is just now taking off with these automated traceability processes. Traceability will really pick up speed here in the next few months…The IPC APEX trade fair can once again be an accelerator and a driving force… Together with Inovaxe, we want to open many doors here…”

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