MTA – What do we offer?

Innovation meets creativity!
Exclusive events that can introduce you to the world of MODI TRACE and our products through consultations, workshops or training courses, provide you with further training or prepare new employees for their workflow quickly and easily.

Product tests with own material

Experience our products up close and test them with your own material.

Workshops on connecting to your ERP and warehouse systems

Learn how you can seamlessly integrate our solutions into your existing systems.

Training for users, administrators and maintenance personnel

Our comprehensive training program ensures that you get the best out of our products.

Personal exchange on the topic of traceability

Benefit from our expertise and exchange ideas with like-minded people about the latest developments in the field of traceability.

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We look forward to welcoming you to one of these exclusive events and immersing you in the world of the MODI TRACE ARENA.

Who the f... is WESLEY?

WESLEY: Our avatar answer for our MODI TRACE ARENA. Helper in many digital areas, born to support and named after its product father WES V5, from which it inherited the built-in camera.

WESLEY helps to understand.

As an avatar and constant companion at our MTA events, he is used in presentations, training documents and also at trade fairs.

Welcome to the heart of our Technology Center…

… where innovation meets creativity and knowledge is constantly being expanded.

Our aim is to create a dynamic environment that promotes the development of skills, strengthens partnerships and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices.

At our Technology Center, we offer a wide range of training courses, workshops and discussions aimed at deepening specialist knowledge, exploring current trends and jointly developing solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our training courses are led by experienced professionals who impart their knowledge and experience in practical sessions.

From basic introductions to our technologies to specialized courses, we offer a variety of learning opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of our participants.

Theoretical concepts are put into practice in our workshops.

Here you have the opportunity to test your skills, develop problem-solving strategies and work together with like-minded people.

In addition, we promote the exchange of ideas and experience through regular discussions with other partners and customers. They offer an opportunity to network, discuss current trends and collaborate on joint projects.

Our Technology Center is not only a place of learning, but also a place of growth and inspiration. We invite you to become part of our community and explore the limits of what is possible together.