In combination with our MODI identification and traceability expertise, the X-ray counting system creates the optimum solution for your requirements.


The increasing demand for component testing on one packaging unit to be able to carry out the MODI in the situation to expand their product portfolio expand. Whether returns from production or the complex situation on the component procurement market: everywhere where to reduce component shrinkage and to recognize underdeliveries, the Counting components is an indispensable Instrument. An X-ray counting system in conjunction with the MODI identification and Traceability competence offers the suitable solution. It is possible with the X-ray scanner, without mechanical action Components on containers. However, the counted quantity itself is worthless without reference to material information

Added value is only generated by Counted quantities live with information of the manufacturer's or customer's own label can be compared. This can also be done with all trace-relevant interfaces take place. One example is direct posting potential shortages in the ERP software. This makes it possible at the earliest stage of the process chain. Another use case would be the Dismantling and restoring a component roll from the placement machine. Here you go The aim is to reduce the loss of armor over production and disarmament. After disarmament, the role is once again scanned and counted.

Another label with the actual quantity is printed or the quantity is the systems digitally according to the Unique ID booked. In this way, the affected Process key figures based on the recording must be specified. The product solution placed on the market the Visiconsult XRH Count is connected with the Top Scan unit of the MODI WES V4- Systems. The XRH Count X-ray tower has via an automatically opening and closing drawer. Above this Drawer takes over the MODI WES Top Scan its core competence.

The component reel is connected to the Label placed on top in the drawer. The MODI scanning process now begins. Are all readable data is recorded and the material identified, the drawer closes and the counting process begins. The process is ended with the opening of the drawer. Optionally, a unique ID label with the actual quantity are output. The product solution is compatible with all software add-ons. Also interesting for existing MODI customers is that all existing interfaces can be operated.