MODI with incoming goods system version 5 at SMTconnect

MODI with incoming goods system version 5 at SMTconnect – scanning processes faster than ever before!

The MODI incoming goods system is now a well-known and proven system in the industrial world with a successful history.

MODI is now presenting the 5th generation of the incoming goods system at SMTconnect 2023. With the new generation, the manufacturers are focusing on some new features that will appeal to users.

The incoming goods system already has a firm place in the traceability area in order to master challenges in incoming goods confidently, safely and quickly.

The general problem of reliably identifying all relevant data on delivered packaging units such as component rolls is manifold. In addition to the

Manufacturer label Several different labels present on the material containers (manufacturer label, distributor label and other labels if applicable).

The data on the labels is also applied to the labels in different forms depending on the manufacturer (barcode, Datamatix code and plain text). This information

must be recorded quickly and reliably to ensure a secure process after goods receipt.

MODI launched a secure and convenient solution for this over 10 years ago with its incoming goods system.

With the MODI incoming goods system, all data on component rolls, trays, dry packs or cardboard boxes is recorded, decoded and forwarded in a single work step (scan).

The customer’s own label can be securely generated with this data and printed out with a unique number (UID). In parallel, the data can be sent to a wide variety of

interfaces to ERP, MES or material handling systems.

Special features of the incoming goods system:

–> Our proven OCR tool makes it possible to read plain text and labels.

can be recorded securely without codes

–> By means of date code decryption, the system is able to decode the

production date and to check whether the material is still in use.

can be

–>Various designs, as a bottom and/or top scan solution, to perfectly adapt to the

adapt to the local conditions

–>By expanding with a mobile solution (handheld), even heavy loads can be handled.

and large packaging units can be processed

–>Optional robot technology to automate the incoming goods process.


–>Entry and data synchronization of delivery bills (document handling)

–>Wide range of plug & play interfaces to known component and

Warehouse management systems

What the 5th generation of the incoming goods scanner delivers on top:

–>ROBO solution as an add-on to the existing system. Simple use of a MODI

goods receiving table manually or automatically.

–>New standards in usability, flexibility and design

–>New document evaluation

–>New camera system simplifies the scanning process and label teaching

easier and even faster.

The latest version of the MODI incoming goods system will be available for viewing and demonstration at our stand. The MODI team will be adding interesting features around

to present the area of traceability/traceability at the trade fair stand.

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