RTS Electronic successfully relies on digital MODI incoming goods inspection

A success story that was brought to us today by RTS Electronic:
“RTS Electronic has been successfully using MODI WES digital incoming goods inspection for over five years. Precise and error-free incoming goods inspection is particularly important in the electronics component trade.
The WES mode ensures that important quality parameters are reliably met. Human control can lead to booking errors that have a detrimental effect.
Error-free booking in the ERP system using MODI’s digital incoming goods scanner reduces the risk of incorrect bookings to zero.
The system automatically recognizes the correct label on the component roll, reads out all relevant information and automatically books the roll into the ERP system. In the event of discrepancies, the process is stopped and a check is carried out by the logistics employee.
The readback function eliminates errors during relabeling, while an automatically generated unique ID ensures seamless traceability from goods receipt.
By using the MODI WES, RTS Electronic was able to achieve a significant improvement in quality and at the same time speed up the incoming goods process, which would not have been possible using humans alone.”

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